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Bush Cooking with Roothy: BLT Wrap

By John Rooth, 18 Nov 2016 Bush Cooking

A simple way to feed the troops.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: BLT Wrap

ROOTHY’S out on Bribie Island, and to feed the troops from BCF he has whacked together a delicious chicken BLT wrap for lunch.

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The key part of this meal is bacon – preferably rindless. Why rindless? Well, according to Roothy, “You don’t want to be chewing into bits of rind, not at this time of day anyway!”

You’ll also need avocado (or, in Roothy’s case, chilli, garlic and coriander avocado), lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and, of course, a wrap.

First, get the bacon nice and crispy before setting it aside. Then cut up a head of lettuce (don’t buy bags of lettuce, as you get more bang for your buck with an entire lettuce) and a few tomatoes.

Apply the avocado, the bacon, the lettuce and tomato into the wrap, and then sprinkle on the cheese.

It’s simple, healthy and filling. Healthy? “You can say bacon’s healthy, if you cut the rind off it,” Roothy added.

It’ll feed the troops and it’s super easy. Try it next time you’re out and about.

“This kind of stuff, it’s simple enough that the kids should be able to do it – honestly. And it tastes fantastic.”