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Bush Cooking with Roothy: Chilli Con Carne

By John Rooth, 25 Nov 2016 Bush Cooking

Spice up your outback cuisine with this simple dish.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: Chilli Con Carne

ROOTHY partners up with his mate Paul on the banks of the Paroo River to cook up some spicy chilli con carne.

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Putting this camp dish together is pretty simple. First, stir up some sliced onion in a frying pan and chuck in a few spoons of garlic.

Add a combination of beef and pork mince to the frying pan and mash it together until it starts to brown up.

Trickle in some soy sauce, add two OXO cubes, and sprinkle in plenty of chilli and cumin. Then add tomato paste, diced tomatoes, red kidney beans and hot tomato chutney.

Stir through generously until all of the ingredients blend together nicely. Then leave the lid on, let it bubble away, and plonk it in the Shuttle Chef.

“You’re probably wondering how good that’s going to taste. I’m wondering so much I’m actually salivating” Roothy said once he took the lid off the Shuttle Chef.

Serve up with a side of rice and some bread.

“It’s a really tasty lunch that’s really filling, and it’s not even expensive. It’s kind of like driving 40 Series Toyotas,” Roothy quipped.

It tastes great, and being stored in the shuttle chef means you can pull over for lunch wherever you see fit! Bon appetit!