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Bush cooking with Roothy: Mango Chicken

By John Rooth, 29 Jul 2016 Bush Cooking

A tropical delight that’s sure to please the kids.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Mango Chicken

WE’RE off to the tropics for this week’s edition of Bush Cooking with Roothy.

Mango is one of the world’s most popular stone fruits and we doubt you’d find anyone who has a bad word to say about ’em – especially Roothy.

The thing is, we’re not actually in the tropics and Roothy is using the tinned mango variety. Still counts, right?

Regardless, this kid-friendly meal is a cracker and one that’s sure to boost spirits at the campsite.

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To get the mango chook rolling, heat up some oil in a pan and then add a tablespoon of ginger.

Retrieve the diced chook from the Engel and throw the lot in, stirring regularly.

Roothy reckons his Shuttle Chef pan is ideal for cooking chicken as the base is thick and it dissipates heat evenly – if there’s one thing you don’t want to ingest, it is uncooked chook.

Add some chopped-up red capsicum (even though Roothy thinks it’s tasteless) to absorb the rich flavour of the sauce. Then drain the tinned mango (use fresh if you desire) and throw it in with a packet of “organic” sultanas.

Stir through and break up the mango pieces.

To soften the sweetness of the mango, a neat little hint is to add a dash of vinegar. You want it to be sweet, but not to an overpowering degree.

Add a tin of coconut cream and sprinkle in some salt. Stir through thoroughly and then let it bubble away on the flame for about two hours.

Tinker with the methodology and recipe until it suits your taste buds.

At the very least, it’s an effective way to keep the kids quiet!

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