Bush cooking with Roothy: Pork chops with Apricot

Get some pork on your fork when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Bush cooking with Roothy: Pork chops with Apricot

STEER clear of the golden arches and give yourself a protein boost with this simple and healthy dinner: pork chops infused with apricot.

Here are a few more campsite dinner ideas: Chook amigo, beer-battered fish and chips, and chilli prawns.

Before you even start to unpack the Engel, you need to get a fire crackling.

This dish can be whipped up on a stove but, ideally, it’s best to cook it in the fire so that the juices and flavour can slowly flow through the pork.

Plus, cooking on a fire eliminates any cleaning up!

The only utensil you’ll need for this recipe is some aluminium foil (and perhaps a knife if you don’t want sticky fingers).

The first step is to season the chop with chicken salt and then apply cooking oil.

Spread some jam on top – Roothy suggests using about the same amount you’d apply to a slice of toast.

Crack open a tin of apricot halves and scatter a few on top of the pork, then drizzle on some apricot juice for good measure.

Tightly wrap several layers of al-foil around the chops, being careful to remember which side is the top.

Throw it in the fire and cover it with coals. It shouldn’t take very long at all to cook – just enough time to down a couple of coldies.

This tasty dish is so simple, plus there are no dishes to wash!

A win-win situation all ’round.


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