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New 4x4 power management solutions

By Justin Walker, 18 Apr 2019 Electronics & Gadgets

4x4 power management solutions feature

Control power with a Trigger Six Shooter and Spinifex Manufacturing power panel

TAKE control of your power needs with these new control systems that have recently landed on aftermarket shelves.

Trigger Six Shooter

This wireless control system is ideal for those looking to throw on some extra lights or other 12-volt accessories to their vehicle. The Six Shooter’s control box features two 30amp, two 10amp and two five-amp circuits, and there’s a remote switch pad that can be used from either inside the cabin or outside your rig (so no wiring through the firewall is needed).

By eliminating the need to run wires through the firewall, installation is a lot quicker. The kit comes with complete wiring and can be either mounted in the engine bay itself or outside, thanks to its waterproof/fire-resistant case. All fuses are inbuilt while the 12 to 24V out has waterproof connectors as well. The RF remote has a replaceable battery and has a 12V hard-wired option as well.

Impressively, you can also control it via a tablet/smartphone app as well. The app itself offers a straightforward interface that allows you to easily switch the six channels off or on and you can even customise the name of each channel. Being able to remotely activate installed accessories on your vehicle has never been so easy! It comes with a three-year warranty.

Website: www.spinifexmanufacturing.com.au

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Spinifex Manufacturing Power Panel

The Spinifex Manufacturing Power Panel is a plug-and-play design that allows you to control all your power needs from the one panel, such as the battery monitor, circuit protection, wireless switching, DC-DC charger (prewired for connection to a house battery, solar or a starter battery) and more.

All this is driven by the Enerdrive ePower 40 amp DC2DC+ battery charger, which offers variable (and programmable) DC charge outputs of up to 50 amps, with three stages of charging on offer. The Power Panel is solar-ready, thanks to its input solar regulator that can cope with input of up to 45V with up to 800W of solar panels.

As expected, the Power Panel is compatible with 12V or 24V systems and can be used with Gel, Flooded, AGM or Lithium batteries. All accessory circuits are controlled via the Trigger 6 shooter wireless switch unit (also app-controlled with your smartphone). Nice!

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RRP: $2599
Website: www.spinifexmanufacturing.com.au