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New 4x4 gear: Thunder battery box + Trigger Six Shooter

By Dean Mellor, 15 Feb 2020 Electronics & Gadgets

New 4x4 gear Thunder battery box Trigger Six Shooter feature

We take a closer look at the Thunder heavy duty battery box and the Trigger 3001 Six Shooter accessory control system.

Thunder heavy duty battery box 

The Thunder portable battery box has been designed to accommodate AGM deep-cycle vehicle batteries up to 120amp/h in size. Once the battery has been fitted, it can be charged via your vehicle’s DC-DC charger or via a solar panel, and it can then be used to power your 12V accessories.

The Thunder battery box incorporates 2 x 50amp Anderson-style connectors, 2 x 15amp 12V DC sockets, dual 5V 2.4amp USB ports and a 12V DC voltmeter.

RRP: $218
Website: www.thunderauto.com.au

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Trigger 3001 Six Shooter accessory control system

The Trigger Six Shooter Wireless Accessory Control System allows the installation of electrical accessories without the need to run wires through the vehicle’s firewall. The unit can be mounted in the engine bay or exposed to the elements, and the wireless remote has click-feel switches and can be mounted in the cabin, while RF remote control allows accessories to be operated from outside the vehicle. It is, of course, programmable for security.

There’s also a Bluetooth app that allows users to control functions from an Apple/Android smartphone, such as on/off and dimming functions, as well as flashing when used with LED or conventional lighting.

The Six Shooter features 2 x 30amp, 2 x 10amp and 2 x 5amp circuits, comes with six wiring harnesses with waterproof connectors, accepts 12V and 24V input, and has a built-in Bluetooth battery monitor. It’s covered by a three-year warranty.

RRP: $795 (introductory offer $595)
Website: shop.4x4megastore.com.au/

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