Yamaha EF200iS Inverter Generator

EF2000iS is so simple to use, even the editor got it to work.

Yamaha Inverter Generator

EF2000iS is so simple to use, even the editor got it to work.

For some, the idea of heading to the bush for a few days means leaving the rat race behind along with all the electronic devices that go with it. An opportunity to escape to nature where the only power required is diesel fuelled from under the bonnet of your 4x4. But take a magazine road test away for a week in the bush, along with photographers, videographers and a crew who can’t go 30 minutes without their personal electronic devices, and all of a sudden your power requirements step up a notch. That’s why for this year’s 4X4 Of The Year road test, we packed the Yamaha EF2000iS gennie in the back of the Jeep.

The EF2000iS is Yamaha’s 2kVA generator with enough grunt to charge batteries for camp devices, charge vehicle batteries, run a television, microwave and even power the airconditiong units in some caravans. There’s a set of cables provided to clip to your vehicle battery direct to the built in 8 amp/12V DC outlet if required. Need more power? The EF2000iS can be linked to another one to give you a monster 3.8kVA – enough power to light up your campsite cricket pitch, like the MCG.

The 2000iS is an inverter generator with pulse width modulation to compensate for variances in charging caused by any change in engine speed so it’s safe to use for power sensitive electronic equipment like laptops.

The unit is simple to use and after filling it with the recommended oil and unleaded fuel, it fired up with ease on the first pull of the cord. It’s relatively quiet thanks too Yamaha’s Noise Block Sound Reduction System but we still preferred to have it away from our campsite so that we could enjoy the bush at its best. Likewise, anyone that uses any generator in a public campsite should be respectful of other campers and only use noise making equipment at appropriate times. Even the hum of a super quiet (51.5dBA at ¼ load at 7m) generator like this one is alien in the bush and not always appreciated by everyone.

The fuel tank holds 4.4 litres of petrol and Yamaha claims this will run the gennie for 10.5 hours at quarter load or 4.2 hours at full load. We didn’t need it for anywhere near this long and it barely used any fuel to charge batteries, radios and other equipment each night. Without fuel or oil, the gennie weighs 20kg so its light enough for most adults to lift out of your 4x4 and the handle moulded into the case makes this even easier. The handle also makes it simple to run a strap over the top of the unit to secure it in the cargo area of your vehicle and stop it bumping around when you’re driving off-road.

The EF2000iS is technologically advanced to offer the best performance yet simple enough in operation so even the dummies can use it. Its quiet by generator standards; light weight for transport and should have enough punch to power all your off-road adventure electrical requirements. Even if you don’t normally use a generator in your travels, having one in your kit is a reassuring tool to have handy.

We say: Powerful, quiet and easy to operate.
RRP: $2189
Where from: www.wellcross.com.au


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