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Great Aussie Car Fails and HEMA Maps’ Go-To Guide for Campers

By Justin Walker, 31 Aug 2019 Gear

Great Aussie Car Fails HEMA Maps Go-To Guide for Campers feature

A close look at the many stuff-ups of the Australian motoring industry; and loads of expert advice for hitching a camper.

We take a closer look at the many errors made by the Australian motoring industry; plus, HEMA Maps has released a new how-to guide, this time for campers.

Great Aussie Car Fails

Sometime 4X4 Australia contributor and highly regarded motoring journo, Dave Morley, draws on his three decades in automotive media to go behind the scenes of the Australian motoring industry to report on the many mistakes, errors and stuff-ups that, until now, haven’t seen the light of day.

He explains the dodgy behind-the-scenes machinations of the industry that are a combo of cost-cutting, politics and expediency, with the often sad result being the obstruction of a talented industry as it strove to design and build vehicles that were specific to this market.

He also details the story behind how a manufacturer cheated on a fuel consumption test, crash testing debacles and some extremely odd design quirks that, in the case of an odd exhaust, caused its vehicle’s carpets to catch on fire. The many stories inside the book sound too crazy to be true but most definitely are true – and result in a cracking read.

RRP: $35
Website: www.hardiegrantbooks.com

Hema Maps Go-To Guide For Campers

Mapping gurus Hema Maps continue to punch out great maps and guidebooks, with this latest one – Hema’s Go-To Guide for Campers – the perfect example, and following on from the recent release of Hema’s Go-To Guide for Caravans.

The Go-To Guide For Campers is packed with all the essential info and loads of expert advice on what you need to know before hitching up the camper and heading out. Subjects covered include trip planning and preparation, safety, how-to DIY, camper security, maintenance, advice on equipment you’ll need, and plenty of awesome destinations in an easy-to-ready format (accompanied by plenty of aspirational photos). Of course, the guide includes a number of excellent Hema maps.

RRP: $39.95
Website: www.hemamaps.com

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