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How to 4x4: top 10 videos

By Sean Muir, 01 Jan 2016 Gear

How to 4x4: top 10 videos

Planning a big four-wheel drive trip? We look at our top 10 most popular how-to videos that show you almost everything you need to know for your 4x4 adventure.

Planning a big four-wheel drive trip? These 10 how-to videos will show you almost everything you need to know. From taking a dump in the bush to radio communication in a convoy, this is your crash course on 4x4 adventure...

How to poo in the bush

This is a great place to start. This is something everyone should watch before they even think about heading bush. Unfortunately, the proliferation of human poo in the Aussie bush is such a problem that one 4x4er took to YouTube earlier this year to toilet train careless campers. We all think we know how to go number two, but this bloke has a few extra tips – especially for the grubs among us.

How to prepare for a 4x4 trip

Once you know how to take a dump in the bush (see above), you can start planning a trip to take said dump. Our mate Macca, 4X4 Australia’s regular expedition cook, has done his fair share planning for large expeditions. He shares some tips on fuel, water, saving space and having the right attitude.

How to plan food for a 4x4 trip

Following on from Macca’s general preparation tips, he goes into more detail on planning meals for 4x4 journeys like his recent trip with 4X4 Australia across the Great Australian Bight. Where does he start? With a menu for each day.

How To: Vehicle Preparation

So, you have your provisions and gear packed and you know how to poo in the bush. But there are still a few things you need to do before you leave. Not least of these is making sure that your vehicle is in good working order. A full service is always a good idea before embarking on a lengthy journey but, even for smaller trips, it pays to have a look under the bonnet before you leave – and while you’re on the road. Our mate GT tells us what to look for.  

How to 4WD in a convoy: radio communication

If you are planning a large expedition, you’ll need to know how to communicate to keep things running smoothly. 4X4 Australia travelled smoothly along the Great Australian Bight this year thanks to correct convoy procedures and reliable communications. Macca discusses the ins and outs of travelling in a convoy.

How to beach drive

You’re almost ready to roll. But once you start rolling you don’t want to stop – at least not unintentionally.  4X4 Australia Editor-At-Large Ron Moon gives a few pointers on avoiding disaster when 4x4ing on the beach.

How To: Dirt Road Driving

It’s not a real 4x4 trip until you get some dirt under the wheels. 4X4 Australia's Glenn Torrens shares his tips on driving on dirt roads.

How to use Maxtrax recovery boards

No matter how good you are at driving off-road, you are eventually going to get stuck. Recovery boards are a great way to get out of trouble before more serious recovery techniques are needed. Here’s the right way to use Maxtrax recovery boards when bogged in the sand.

How to leave a campsite

Once you’ve been off-road and had a good time, it’s important to leave the environment, including your campsite, in the best condition possible. After Jim McNabb’s success teaching people ‘how to crap in the outback’, he shows us how he thinks four-wheel drivers should leave campsites. 

Great Australian Bight expedition

Technically this hour-long epic isn’t a how-to video, but it does go a long way to show you the type of fun you can have with the right know-how. Enjoy!