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Latest gear and accessories for your 4x4

16 Aug 2016 Gear

Latest gear and accessories for your 4x4

More outback gear to better prepare you for remote-area travel.

WE’VE compiled a list of some of the best touring gear currently on the market.

Whether it’s a nifty aftermarket addition to your 4x4, or a handy campsite tool, there are many ways to be better prepared for your next remote-area adventure.

From supercharger kits and radiators for your off-road steed, to pocket knives and cooking utensils – we’ve covered all bases.

We’ve even thrown in a neat book for fans of vintage 4x4s.

Happy travels!

Terrain Tamer radiatorBUILT TOUGH
FOLLOWING 18 months of development, Terrain Tamer has introduced two new models to its range of heavy duty radiators. The radiators come complete with steel mounting brackets and are available for the Hilux KUN26 and 70-Series V8 LandCruiser models. Each features a fully pressed and fused aluminium tank design for superior strength. The heavy duty radiators are also manufactured with a low-level warning plug, allowing them to be fitted with an optional extra in-dash warning indicator device.
Website: www.terraintamer.com

IF 298kW of V8 is not enough for you, then Harrop Engineering has the solution. Its TVS2300 Supercharger Kit for the VK56 engine utilises the latest-gen Eaton TVS tech to deliver more power and torque – with gains of around 50 per cent achievable. The kit also features: a high-efficiency intercooler system; two-piece manifold design; front drive/front inlet design for less restrictive intake path; and a large intercooler core. It retains all factory accessories and it’s designed and manufactured in Australia. Pricing is expected to come in around $11,000.
Website: www.harrop.com.au

Leatherman multi toolLOST SIGNAL
YOU’VE rocked up to a campsite, set up all of your gear, and are now settling down for a night under the stars with your favourite bottle of red. But, where the heck is the bottle opener? We’ve all been there! Leatherman’s latest release, the Signal, will get you out of that pickle, but it’s also equipped with a lot more tools. Tools include: pliers (needle-nose and regular); saw; combo knife; wire cutters; an emergency whistle; fire-starter; hammer; and a diamond-coated blade sharpener. There are 19 tools in total!
RRP: $285
Website: www.leatherman.com.au

TWO brand-spanking-new sets of wheels have landed on the ROH Wheels catalogue: the Assassin and the Patriot. The Assassin is available in sizes 16x8, 17x8, 17x9 and 18x9 and features a matte-black finish with aluminium anodised bolts. The Assassin is suitable for the Hilux, Ranger/BT-50, Colorado, D-Max, Triton, Navara NP300 and Navara D40. The Patriot is sized 16x8, 17x9, 18x9 and 20x9 and also rocks a matte-black finish milled with aluminium anodised bolts. It’s perfect for the Hilux, Ranger/BT-50, Colorado, D-Max, Triton, Navara NP300, Navara D40 and 200 Series LandCruiser.
Website: www.rohwheels.com

VETERAN journalist and 4x4 historian Jim Allen, along with Scout expert and collector John Glancy, have dished up the only Scout book the enthusiast will ever need. With a foreword by the late Rod Phillips, The International Scout Encyclopedia chronicles the history of all the favourite Scout models. This officially licensed Scout publication features never-before-seen pictures and new details about the iconic 4x4 that will surprise even the most dedicated devotee. A must-have for any fan of International Harvester or vintage four-wheel drive rigs.
RRP: $100 (approx.)
Website: www.octanepress.com

Toasted sangaTOASTED SANGA
NOTHING beats devouring a piping-hot jaffle in the middle of winter. The ARB Toastie Brander consists of two cast-iron plates, and the handles are formed from Manchurian ash timber. Not only will it melt two pieces of bread together with cheese and tomato, it will also brand the ARB logo onto both sides. Granted, this does nothing to enhance the flavour of an already glorious campsite cuisine, but it’s a great novelty on an awesome product.
Website: www.arb.com.au

MSA 4x4 air lumbar supportBACK UP
MSA 4x4’s patented air lumbar support system will provide quality back support when you need it most. The system is designed so that it can be installed and removed in seconds, and its fully adjustable air-inflated bladder insert allows you to easily get comfy. Four bladders can even be installed for multiple support zones. It comes with a lifetime warranty.
RRP: $109 (canvas); $129 (sheepskin)
Website: www.msa4x4.com.au