We test the all-new MaxTrax Indeflate

Deflating tyres for off-road conditions and then pumping them up again has never been easier.

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WHEN I first started in this four-wheel driving caper some 30-odd years ago, we used to deflate tyres by finding an appropriate-size twig and pushing it down on the tyre’s valve.

Then, if we’d forgotten to throw in a gauge, we’d guesstimate tyre pressure by counting to 30, 60 or 90 seconds, screw the valve cap back on and hope for the best.

This was a long and tedious process, so it was little wonder various clever people came up with better alternatives.

MaxTrax Indeflate

First up was the innovative Staun Valve that could be set to a predetermined pressure and simply screwed on to the valve stem. Because there were four of them in a set, this significantly sped up deflation time.

Then along came the ARB E-Z Deflator (and other similar products) that allowed the valve itself to be removed from the valve stem but in a captive state for super-fast yet safe deflation.

The latest in tyre-deflation technology is being distributed in Australia by MaxTrax and is called Indeflate. It’s called Indeflate because as well as allowing for easy tyre deflation, it allows for easy tyre inflation… and two tyres at a time.

Indeflate is attached to two tyre valve stems at a time with clip-on chucks, and it features a dump valve that allows for equal deflation of those two tyres simultaneously. It also has a built-in pressure gauge so you can quickly and easily monitor deflation, and it has two 3m-long hoses so you can easily reach all tyres on a vehicle.

MaxTrax Indeflate

Deflation is not as fast as an E-Z Deflator that removes the actual valve from the stem, but as it fits so quickly via the clip-on chucks, and as you’re deflating two tyres at a time, there’s not much in it.

However, the best thing about using the Indeflate is you can stand upright while using it rather than crouching down near your tyres. If your knees are a bit buggered like mine, this makes a helluva difference!

When it’s time to pump your tyres back up again, simply refit the clip-on chucks to two tyres, attach your air compressor hose to the base of the dump valve, open said valve and two tyres will be inflated at once. Again, you can stand while doing this rather than crouch, the pressure gauge is easy to read, and you’re guaranteed that both tyres will be inflated to the same pressure.

Indeflate is well made with quality components and is supplied in a durable carry bag. It’s bloody brilliant!


AVAILABLE FROM: maxtrax.com.au
RRP: $215
WE SAY: Easy deflation, easy inflation and easy on the knees.


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