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New 4x4 engine, transmission and battery maintenance gear: August 2019

By Justin Walker, 15 Aug 2019 Gear

New 4x4 engine transmission maintenance products August 2019 feature

Optimise your vehicle’s essential bits with quality aftermarket kit.

MAINTAINING your engine, transmission and battery will ensure your 4x4 works at its maximum capacity. Here’s some new kit on the market to keep the essentials running smoothly.

JLM Turbo Cleaner (July)

Put an end to the problem of dirt and soot in a turbo with this new cleaner from JLM. Dirt, grit, grime and soot are all enemies of a smooth-running turbo. A dirty turbocharger increases wear and tear and also increases risk of a failure of the VGT turbine wheel.

The JLM Turbo Cleaner has been designed to reduce soot emission and maintain performance and is as simple as adding the liquid to the diesel in your rig’s fuel tank. Adding the cleaner eliminates dirt and soot, thus ensuring the air-fuel ratio is ideal and your turbo is pushing nothing but clean air.

JLM reckons for the best results owners should add 500ml of Turbo Cleaner every 5000km – or if/when you notice you’re not getting optimum performance out of your donk. It sure looks like a small price (both monetary and in terms of time) to pay for a smooth-running engine. Suitable for use with all turbo-diesel engines.

RRP: $39.95 (500ml bottle)
Website: www.jlmlubricants.com.au

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Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE (July)

Changing the diff, gearbox and/or transmission oil in your 4x4 is never a fun job, no matter how much you convince yourself you’re saving some money going the DIY approach. Nulon is aiming to make the process at least a lot quicker, with the release of its innovative – and award-winning - EZY-SQUEEZE, which is a super-simple but very clever way of servicing the abovementioned parts of your rig.

The EZY-SQUEEZE is, as its name suggests, a flexible one-litre container (patent pending) and applicator tube that makes it easy to get into those awkward places and get the oil change done. Nulon is claiming it is 50 per cent quicker than a pump- or syringe-based system and there’s far less waste.

Plus, you don’t need a pump; just a ‘squeeze’ and the oil is pushed into the component’s reservoir and it is all done. Nulon claims the EZY-SQUEEZE can be used on more than 95 per cent of the Aus/NZ vehicle fleet.

Website: www.ezysqueeze.com.au


This patented water detection and warning device is the only system of its type on the market globally, and it’s an Aussie invention that has been doing this important job for the past decade. The WaterWatch is designed to separate water from diesel and emit an alarm before water enters a vehicle’s fuel system, eliminating what can be serious (read: engine killing) and expensive damage to your rig’s powerplant.

The unit detects the presence of water in the fuel supply by first separating and then trapping the water away from the fuel flow, while emitting both a visual and audible warning. It’s worth noting it is not a filter (these are for particle control and don’t stop water and fuel mixing due to the high pressure/flow rates found in common-rail donks, which results in the water forcing its way through the filters and into the fuel system).

The WaterWatch has no filter to restrict the flow of fuel. It has an impressive lifetime warranty and is currently available as a DIY kit for more than 50 vehicles.

Website: www.waterindiesel.com

REDARC Showroom AC Battery Charger (September)

REDARC has released its latest model in the co-branded DEFA AC Battery Charger range: a 12-volt, 30-amp Showroom Charger. This charger is designed for long-term battery maintenance charging and can provide a fast battery charge if/when needed. This makes it ideal for those tourers who need to keep infrequently used vehicles, campers/caravans and boats charged.

The charger has a detachable clamping cable that has no fan, meaning it is noise-free, so even when in use in your garage or shed it is not intrusive in terms of noise. The Showroom Charger uses a seven-step charging process to optimise battery performance and longevity and is designed for use with 12V Lead Acid, AGM, EFB and GEL battery compositions.

It will initially deliver 14.4V to achieve maximum charge, before dropping down to 13.6V at a maximum of 30A during the long-term charge phase. It is easy to use thanks to its one-button operation and battery-monitoring display. It is also compact and housed in a tough anodised black aluminium finish.

Website: www.redarc.com.au