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New 4x4 gear: Opposite Lock fridge, Projecta smart controller, MSA 4x4 and more!

By 4x4 Australia Staff, 19 Nov 2017 Gear

New 4x4 Gear

The latest and greatest aftermarket products for your Christmas list!

STRUGGLING for gift ideas this holiday season? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Oppy Lock has boosted its fridge/freezer range with the addition of this 65-litre single-door unit. Featuring a tough stainless steel cabinet with 60mm high-density polyurethane foam insulation, this fridge is built for outback touring. The stainless steel latches, handles and hinges ensure reliable and durable service. The fridge can be powered via 12V, 24V and 240V, and includes three low-battery voltage cutout settings.

Opposite-Lock-65L-Fridge.jpgIts 66W Snomaster compressor ensures smooth running and a low current draw of 2.5A (low speed) and 5A on high speed. The temp range is -22°C to 10°C and it comes with a five-year compressor warranty and two-year Aus-wide parts warranty. Also included are a wireless temp/battery monitor and a transit bag. Inside the fridge is an LED light – plus, it also has an open-lid alarm.
Website: www.oppositelock.com.au
RRP: $1549

Overlanding means just that for today’s off-road tourers, but for four intrepid adventurers just prior to the turn of the last century, it meant jumping on a bicycle to become the first to circumnavigate Australia using human power on two wheels. What started as a grand overland adventure for West Australian cyclist Arthur Richardson, whose aim was to be the first to complete this 18,507km epic feat, soon turned into a race against a trio of eastern seaboard riders.

Tour-De-Oz-Bret-Harris.jpgMelbourne-based Kiwi brothers Frank and Alex White and Brisbane-based Aussie Donald Mackay were aiming for the same goal, but following a counter-clockwise route. The ensuing ‘race’ saw the four riders ride over and through some of Australia’s toughest country. A cracking read of a time when ‘overlanding’ was bloody wild stuff.
Website: www.harpercollins.com.au
RRP: $30

For those with minimal spare space in their 4WD, this new compact fridge/freezer from Evakool is perfect. With space for 16 375ml cans or a mix of drinks and food (including a dairy shelf), the RV18 is ideal for those on road trips or overnight camping adventures. The slim design (230mm width) means it can be fitted between passengers in the second row.

Opposite-Lock-fridge.jpgThe RV18 features an Evakool CK15 compressor and can be run as a fridge or as a freezer, with an operating temperature range of 10°C and -18°C. The unit is light in weight (a paltry 8.7kg), has an impact-resistant polypropylene cabinet and lid, an internal LED light, digital control panel, and can be operated via 12V, 24V or through 240V mains (using an adaptor). The RV18 comes with a two-year warranty.
Website: evakool.com
RRP: $549

Projecta has just released a new range of compact automatic four-stage Smart Solar Charge Controllers. These units deliver a four-stage charging process and enable users to alter settings and charging profiles to suit their particular power management requirements, such as the battery type used (Wet, AGM or Gel).

Projecta-Smart-Controller.jpgThe models – SC220, SC245, SC260 – all offer similar features (including two 5V 2.4A USB ports), with the biggest difference being the amp capacity each can handle from the solar panels they are connected to.For example, the SC220 is designed for use with 20amp solar panels, hence the ‘20’ in the model number. The units are all EMC-approved, offer digital LCD screens and are equipped with a low-voltage disconnect function for battery protection. 
Website: www.projecta.com.au

Designed to mould to any dash shape, MSA 4x4’s dash organiser design has been upgraded. Ensuring all your at-hand travel essentials can be easily accessed, the organiser now features five pockets for small items (think sunnies, mobile phones, etc.) and a large pocket for your map. Objects are secured via elastic straps to ensure they don’t fall out negotiating bumpy terrain, and the unit is secured to your dash (or dash mat) using Velcro and adhesive strips.

MSA-4x4-Dash-organiser.jpgThe organiser’s unique ability to mould to the dash is due to the internal flexible aluminium strip, with the overall manufacturing quality what you’d expect from this Aussie company. The dash organiser measures 185mm long by 365mm wide, making it an easy fit to all 4x4 dashboards.
Website: www.msa4x4.com.au
RRP: $69.95

These tough new replacement water pumps feature a one-piece casting for robustness, with each unit precision-machined for excellent sealing and to eliminate the potential for leaks. This top-notch engineering also means a proper fit to your rig. The Terrain Tamer water pump range features heavy-duty bearings, ceramic seals and nitrile O-rings for maximum durability and longevity.

Terrain-Tamer-Water-Pump.jpgPlus, these features also assist a regulated flow, with each unit tested to ISO/TS16949:2009 quality standards for optimum safety and reliable performance. This new range from Terrain Tamer is constantly expanding and currently offers water pumps for popular Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Mazda and Mitsubishi 4WDs.
Website: www.terraintamer.com