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New 4x4 gear: Ratchet set, rooftop platform, Thunder Auto trailer plug

29 May 2017 Gear

new 4x4 gear 1

What’s hot on the 4x4 market?

WITH winter only a couple of days away, it’s time to stock up on some trick 4x4 gear to get you through Australia’s coolest months.

We’ve also listed a few products that’ll take the stress out of your next off-road adventure, be it a solar blanket, trailer plugs, or a ratchet set.


SOLAR power is all the rage these days, so why not jump aboard the clean-energy wagon and harness the sun’s rays with a Baintuff 180W Foldable Solar Blanket. The lightweight (only 5.11kg) and compact blankets can be easily stored and retrieved when arriving or departing at camp. The blanket is a great option to keep the kids’ iPads running without draining the 4x4’s battery reserves.

solar-powered blanket

RRP: $999
Website: www.baintech.com.au


STAY warm and cosy when out on the tracks this winter with a Cerium hoody, jacket or vest. Avoid the onslaught of the elements by adorning the light-weight, goose-down-filled clothing, which is designed using state-of-the-art methods to provide warmth to areas that need it most. The first-grade insulation, combined with a moisture-repellent fabric, could be a lifesaver!

cerium hoody

RRP: $580 (hoody); $530 (jacket); $370 (vest).
Website: www.arcteryx.com


STRUGGLING to get to those pesky, hard-to-reach positions? The all-new GearWrench three-piece locking Flex Handle Ratchet Set is set to shorten the time spent tinkering in the shed on stubborn parts. With nine flex positions, the ratchet set is designed for jobs where accessibility is limited and to aid in the prevention of rounding out fastener heads. 84 ratchet teeth bite down for smooth operation, while the ratcheting arc is minimised to engage the next gear tooth sooner. The easy-to-use tool is covered by a lifetime warranty.

ratchet set

RRP: $215
Website: www.gearwrench.com.au


THE new LockN’Load range unveiled recently by Yakima Australia is centred on a new Australian-designed rooftop cargo platform. The platform works with mounting kits designed for 4WDs to provide maximum strength and durability. A broad range of 4WD accessories will support the LockN’Load platform including brackets for recovery tracks, gas bottles, high lift jacks, awnings and spare wheels. Keep out a keen for initial products coming soon, as well as expansions to the range.

yakima lock n load

Website: www.yakima.com.au


LOAD up your 4x4 and trailer and get ready for a weekend away, as Thunder has released a new range of trailer plugs. The range includes 12 different parts (including both plugs and sockets) to suit a variety of applications. Available in either seven or 12 pin, plastic or metal and round or flat, you’ll find a plug to suit every need. Constructed from high quality nylon or zinc, each plug contains high-grade copper pins.

thunderauto trailer plugs

RRP: From $13.49
Website: www.thunderauto.com.au