UPGRADE your 4x4 with some new LEDs, courtesy of Wurth and Bushranger.


Wurth Jpg

A clever design aspect of the Wurth under-bonnet LED is that it has hooks on either end that can swivel 360 degrees, to help fix it in place. To prevent scratching paint or other sensitive materials, the unit is lined in foam. The compact and extendable LED is suitable for bonnets 110 to 180cm wide, and it utilises 32 LEDs and 10 watts each. Using lithium-ion battery tech, the light has a short charging time but a long light duration. Two light levels are available.
RRP: $249
Website: www.wurth.com.au


Bushranger Nighyhawk Jpg

Bushranger has added a set of seven-inch LEDs to its driving light family. The compact, lightweight lights are great when space is at a premium up the front of your 4x4. The lights push out the same 967m at 1 lux as the brand’s nine-inch variants. The lights come with two protective covers, allowing users to quickly change the beam pattern. We had a bigger set of nine-inch Night Hawks on the 4X4 Australia Ford Ranger and were very impressed with the light spread they threw out in front of us on a few adventures. Plus, the Night Hawk won our 2019 LED driving light comparison. The lights come with a five-year warranty.
Website: www.bushranger.com.au