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New 4x4 kit recently released by Terrain Tamer

23 Oct 2020 Gear

Terrain Tamer kit

Terrain Tamer recently released new Upper Control Arms and a Brake Kit

Australian brand Terrain Tamer recently added two new products to its aftermarket catalogue: Upper Control Arms for vehicles that run an IFS set-up, and a Brake Kit conversion.


Terrain Tamer has released a range of Upper Control Arms for vehicles that run Independent Front Suspension (IFS). To fix the issues associated with lifted IFS vehicles (up to 70mm), Terrain Tamer’s powdercoated Upper Control Arms allow greater clearance to the coil assembly and more articulation of the arm, thanks to its extended length. The design of the arm allows the shock absorber to restrict full droop, minimising any strain put on the ball joint when the vehicle is lifted. It also provides an increase in caster level and negative camber. The arms are currently available for a range of Ford, Mazda and Toyota models.


Terrain Tamer also released a new kit to convert a vehicle’s rear drum brake setup into a disc brake system. The new system features Kevlar ceramic brake pads and slotted rotors, and are claimed to offer 29.7 per cent better stopping power. According to Terrain Tamer, independent test results proved that, at 100km/h, the rear braking system stopped on average 28.5m shorter than OE. The kit is ADR compliant. For the full listing, visit TT online.

Website: www.terraintamer.com