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Coleman Hyperflame Stove: product test

By Ron Moon, 28 Sep 2017 Outdoors

Coleman Hyperflame Stove main

Ronnie’s been running Coleman’s top-end camp stove for a few months now.

I AM A great fan of Coleman stoves, having used them exclusively for many years. Coleman’s HyperFlame FyreKnight two-burner stove has been around for a year or two, and we’ve been using it for the past few months.

The stove’s high quality is reflected in its build, construction and its price. Made from thick steel, the 7kg unit will easily stand up to the abuse it’ll cop on camping and four-wheel drive trips. The stove comes with two burners rated at 12,000BTUs each (which means a lot of heat), a gas regulator, InstaStart lighting for ease of use, and a locking carry handle.

Coleman Hyperflame Stove ignitionLike all Coleman gas products, the unit’s designed to run on Coleman’s disposable propane gas cartridges, but these are expensive here in Australia (I carry one or two of these cartridges for emergency use only). Due to this, the unit is also provided with a gas hose that adapts the regulator to a standard 3/8-inch gas-bottle fitting.

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What makes this stove unique is the wind protection offered by the windshield-pan supports that enclose each gas burner. These windshields protect the flame from wind and do away with the need for vertical wind shields that are normally part of gas-stove lids. As such, the HyperFlame can easily accommodate two pans up to 30cm in diameter, while the windshield-pan supports can easily be removed for cleaning.

Coleman Hyperflame Stove cookingSo, how well does the stove work? When on high, each burner will boil a litre of water in around three minutes, which puts its capability up the top end of camp stoves. Negatives? Depending on the size of your pot or pan, it can be a bit noisy.

And we initially had an issue with adjusting the flame when it was down low, but experience has taught us how to do that effectively. One of the things you’ll notice is that the flame comes from the centre of the burner (not the side like most camp stoves), which may cause a hot spot for delicate cooking.

A standard heat mat solves that issue. Breeze has minimal impact on the flame, but that’s not to say you can sit it in a gale and expect it to heat at its optimum level. All in all, this is a great stove and you won’t be disappointed with it.

AVAILABLE FROM: www.colemanaustralia.com.au
RRP: $280 (but you can get it as low as $180).
WE SAY: Well-made to last a lifetime.