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Product test: Razorback Canopy

By Mark Allen, 25 Nov 2015 Gear

Product test: Razorback Canopy

A ute panel is stamped from sheet metal, robotically welded and moved along a high-tech production line. Same goes for these metal canopies from razorback.

In the Razorback canopy the 0.8mm Zincalume (zinc alloy steel) offers the same high degree of rust protection as that seen on most utes these days.

With the same material and the same finishing process, the canopies also match utes better than most and, if you’re in an accident, the same panel beater that repairs your ute can repair your canopy.

The Razorback canopies are made by SammitR (SMM) and are rated to carry 100kg (dynamic load) on the standard-supplied roof rails – there is no need for internal bar work or bracing. They’ve also been bench-tested to a huge 400kg loading.

Razorback -canopy -holds -weightIt may not be legal to carry this much weight on roof racks, but it is an impressively high figure. Aside from the standard bolt-on rails, a Rhino track and roof rack system can be added to carry more equipment including roof-top tents, mountain bikes, kayaks and snow boards.

Plus, the complete range of tradie-related mounts makes it a one-size-fits-all canopy for work and play.

Weighing 75-85kg, depending on the model, the canopies are claimed to match the weight of a smooth-finished fibreglass canopy. So you’ll pay no weight penalty even though the Razorbacks are rated to carry higher loads.

Automotive two-stage rotary locks are used in the rear lift-up door, which incorporates remote central locking and is easily wired in with the standard-supplied canopy-wiring loom. Side lift-up windows incorporate two T-locks, while sliding versions use an internal latch to secure. The glass is an automotive-grade, tinted safety glass.

Razorback -canopy -windowsImpressively, the opening at the rear of a Razorback canopy can accept a 44 gallon drum and the side lift-up windows can take a 20-litre water drum. So, while you may not cart a 44 around, there is enough roof height to mount a fridge on top of a drawer unit, which you can’t always do without a raised roof profile.

While the overall roof line is not much different to most other canopies, the inherent strength of a metal structure allows an improved (stronger and more durable) door system, which takes up less vertical space at the hinge area, allowing a larger opening.
Mating the metal canopy to your ute is a double-sealing gasket combined with four (twin cabs) or six (extra cabs) clamps. There is no need to drill into the ute body.

Razorback -canopy -insideAnother advantage of a rigid metal structure is that you can clamp the whole unit down evenly onto your ute, without twisting or warping.

The over-rail design of the canopy, while also helping with water ingress, also hides the ‘join’ between ute and canopy, providing an ‘improved’ and smoother-finished look.

A standard rear window demister, internal light (which can be set to turn on when the rear door is opened) and a high-set brake light follow the trend of making this canopy seem like an original part of your ute. All this gear is pre-wired into the standard loom.Even car alarms can be included, with the wiring into the canopy providing ultimate protection from thieves – your work and play toys will be safe.

So, if you’ve just forked out for a beaut ute and want a durable, strong and practical canopy for your work gear during the week and the camping gear and kids’ toys on the weekend, the Razorback certainly ticks all the right boxes.


We Say: Durable, strong and practical.
INFO: Contact Razorback on (02) 9627 7499, or (02) 9627 7000 or visit www.razorback.com.au


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