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Quick Fist clamps and straps: 4x4 product test

By Ron Moon, 19 May 2019 Gear

Quick Fist clamps and straps product review feature

Strap on fixes for securing all shapes and sizes.

I WAS tidying up some gear in the Cruiser recently and decided to do a better job of it than just stuffing the gear where it would fit and then trying to hold it down with a bungee strap. I wanted to secure an axe and a gas bottle, so I went looking for the best way to contain these two very different shaped objects.

Enter Quick Fist clamps and straps. These are widely available from shops such as Bunnings, Outback 4WD in Bayswater (Vic) and good camping stores. The clamps come in a range of sizes and can hold something between 16 and 32mm in diameter, to something 760mm in diameter and weighing up to 70kg.

Two tie-down belts are also available and, while both are similar in length (965mm), they have different mounting systems. Both are significantly stronger than any bungee cord. For even heavier items it is advisable to use two clamps or straps. There’s also a rifle mount and a roll bar mount available, which when used in conjunction with a clamp can be used to mount an item such as a torch or fire extinguisher to a roll bar.

The two clamps come in a pack and are ideal for mounting shovels and axes. If you want to mount a hi-lift jack you need to drill out the mount to fit a longer and bigger bolt. For the axe we wanted to mount, we did a quick measure, ensuring it would be level and not bind up with anything.

The strap was just as easy to set up; although, it is best to ensure the mounting post is fastened so that it straddles a line along the gas bottle’s edge. That way there is a minimum of movement by the gas bottle.

With just a battery drill and few No. 10 bolts we had both the clamps and the strap set up and the equipment mounted. The axe is out of the way, while the gas bottle is held securely in place and in no danger of falling over.

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RRP: From approx $25
We Say: Great idea; easy to mount; keeps gear secure.