Sealing a puncture

A puncture repair kit can get you travelling again in no time.

Safety Seal kit

Punctures are a part of bush and outback travel. If you’re lucky, you may notice a slowly deflating tyre before it’s too late and the tyre bead has broken away from the rim or the tyre has been destroyed by a blow-out.

It’s often possible to repair the puncture without even jacking the vehicle or removing the wheel.

Several companies provide puncture repair kits that allow you to plug the hole with the tyre/rim in-situ so you can get back on the road in minutes.

Of course, if the damage is more extensive then you must use your spare.

No matter what, any temporary puncture repair must be professionally assessed and repaired as soon as possible. Even if it holds air, the tyre may be a write-off due to hidden damage and the risk of future failure.

Read the captions in the gallery to find out how to get out of trouble track-side when you need to.

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