4x4 Tyre Test 2019: WINNER

Tallying the numbers reveals one clear winner.

4x4 Tyre Test 2019 WINNER

GOOD or excellent performance over a broad range of disciplines made the Maxxis 700 a winner in this test. The relative newcomer to the local off-road scene delivers a tyre that lives up to the 4x4 expectations without overly compromising on-road performance.

Indeed, in many cases the Maxxis performed above average, cementing them as an excellent multipurpose tyre, one that will get you to your off-road playground confidently and allow some exploration once there. That it is competitively priced is a bonus for those looking for a great all-rounder.

4 X 4 Tyre Test 2019 Tyre Fitment Jpg

Second was the Falken, a tyre that didn’t excel in any one discipline but managed competent performance across all. That it’s priced towards the lower end added to its appeal.

Rounding out the podium is the Bridgestone Dueler. What it lacks in wet-weather grip it partially makes up for in dry-weather performance, with the chunky tread also performing on our rough track. The promise of a tough light truck construction is a win that helps justify its price premium.

The Hankook only missed out on a minor placing by a fraction of a point, its solid performance in wet cornering helping its overall ranking. Those not as interested in regular off-roading or the look of their tyre could do a lot worse than the Dunlop Grandtrek. It trounced its rivals for braking performance and stood up well in wet cornering. However, the less aggressive tread pattern let its performance down in off-road terrain.

4 X 4 Tyre Test 2019 Test Jpg

While the Nexen Roadian was outclassed in most on-road disciplines, its low $209 price tag won back crucial points.

This leaves the Goodyear Wrangler, a poor performer in our wet disciplines and an expensive tyre. While it claims other benefits off-road, for this test they didn’t come into play, leaving the Goodyear to round out the all-terrain field.

The Data

4 X 4 Tyre Test 2019 Scoring Jpg

Dry Braking (100-0km/h)

1 Dunlop 100 (42.4m)
2 Maxxis 91.2 (46.1m)
3 Bridgestone 90.3 (46.5m)
4 Falken 90.0 (46.6m)
5 Hankook 89.4 (46.9m)
6 Nexen 88.3 (47.4m)
7 Goodyear 88.1 (47.5m)

Dry Cornering (sec)

1 Maxxis 100 (7.05sec)
2 Goodyear 99.0 (7.12sec)
3 Bridgestone 97.9 (7.20sec)
4 Falken 95.3 (7.38sec)
5 Hankook 92.9 (7.55sec)
6 Dunlop 91.9 (7.62sec)
7 Nexen 90.8 (7.70sec)
4 X 4 Tyre Test 2019 Wet Braking Jpg

Wet Braking (70-0km/h)

1 Dunlop 100 (25.1m)
=2 Maxxis 93.5 (26.7m)
=2 Falken 93.5 (26.7m)
4 Bridgestone 90.1 (27.6m)
5 Hankook 85.8 (28.6m)
6 Nexen 78.9 (30.4m)
7 Goodyear 70.1 (32.6m)

Wet Cornering (sec)

1 Maxxis 100 (10.1sec)
2 Dunlop 99.3 (10.2sec)
3 Hankook 98.4 (10.2sec)
4 Falken 97.5 (10.3sec)
5 Nexen 96.6 (10.4sec)
6 Bridgestone 96.4 (10.4sec)
7 Goodyear 94.5 (10.6sec)

Price ($)

1 Nexen 25 ($209)
=2 Maxxis 19 ($259)
=2 Falken 19 ($259)
=2 Hankook 19 ($259)
5 Dunlop 11.8 ($319)
6 Bridgestone 11.1 ($325)
7 Goodyear 9.4 ($339)

*Published cornering times were rounded to the nearest tenth of a second for brevity. But for point scoring we used the raw data that was accurate to one-hundredth of a second. This accounts for occasionally different scores for tyres posting the same rounded time.

4 X 4 Tyre Test 2019 Final Line Up Jpg

Final Scoring

  Sub-total Off-road factor Final score
1 Maxxis 404 1.05 424
2 Falken 395 1.05 415
=3 Bridgestone 386 1.05 405
=3 Hankook 386 1.05 405
5 Dunlop 403 0.95 383
6 Nexen 380 1.00 380
7 Goodyear 361 1.05 379


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