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Cooper S/T Maxx product test

By Mark Allen, 26 Mar 2016 Wheels & Tyres

Cooper S/T Maxx product test

Cooper’s S/T MAXX tyres are great all-rounders. But how do they go on a Troopy? Mark Allen reckons they go all right.

Why did I choose the latest Cooper S/T MAXX tyres for my Troopy?

Sure, they have the latest Amor-Tek technology and an extra ply in the rubber to increase sidewall strength. And sure, their new chemically bonded silica tread compound improves grip. But none of these features is why I chose another set of Coopers for the Troopy.

Nope – I chose Coopers again because I had a great run on my last set of S/T MAXX and an earlier set of STs that copped more than 75,000km. I figure that when you’re on to good thing, stick to it.

As I’ve stated before, I know there are other treads out there that would plug away better in the mud, and others that would perform better on twisty bitumen roads, but if you want a capable all-rounder, it’s hard to go past these aggressive-looking all-terrains.

Coopers ST tyresPeople have tried to nudge me towards the new Cooper STT PROs – but as good as they seem to be, they are not what I want in a tyre that will cover huge kays touring through sand and mud, plus rock driving and the dreaded school run.

For me, the 285/75R16 S/T MAXX has the perfect all-round tyre pattern, and it’ll see the Troopy eat up plenty of tracks.

One problem I’m faced with – because I have offset Dynamic steel 16x8-inch rims on the Troopy’s rear and slightly wider than standard rubber – is tread protruding past the bodywork, which is illegal.

Fitting coopers ST tyresThis will be easily fixed by adding wheel arch flares – it’ll be my first job to prevent fines. While I’m at it, I’ll also widen the mud flaps to suit the flares. This’ll minimise the gunk that gets flicked out the rear. It’s not major job but worth mentioning for anyone contemplating something similar.

For more information and pricing visit www.coopertires.com.au


Available from: www.coopertires.com.au
RRP: 285/75R16 – $389 (location dependent)
WE SAY: Excellent all-round rubber to tackle anything


Leicht’s Tyre and Auto in Port Macquarie fitted and balanced my Coopers S/T MAXX tyres.

The guys there have won awards for their supply of Cooper Tires, and when my tyres were fitted I spotted the lads using a torque wrench to manually tighten my wheel nuts. I wish more tyre mobs would do this instead of incorrectly using rattle guns to overtighten nuts.

I appreciate the time spent doing it correctly, especially when I have to remove a wheel and don’t have Arnie close by to help undo the wheel nuts. Also noteworthy were the correctly set air pressure settings, which I did check back home. Overinflating seems to be common practice at some tyre stores.

Leichts Tyre and Auto can be found at 97 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie. There are also other outlets in Kempsey and Tamworth. See www.leichtstyres.com for details.