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More than 10 million LandCruisers sold globally

By Tristan Tancredi, 20 Sep 2019 News

10 million Toyota LandCruisers globally sold news

Toyota has sold more than 10 million LandCruisers around the world, with Australians buying more than any other country.

TOYOTA Motor Corporation has notched up a sales milestone, with the Japanese brand selling more than 10 million LandCruisers globally.

Australians can’t seem to get enough of the iconic vehicle, either, purchasing more LandCruisers than any other market around the world. In fact, since the original BJ launched in 1951 (renamed LandCruiser in 1954), local sales have exceeded 1.065 million, which is a staggering 10.6 per cent of global sales.

In 2018, Australian buyers accounted for 13.3 per cent of global LandCruiser sales (42,267 of more than 318,000 vehicles). This strong local interest made Australia the biggest market for the 70 Series and the third-biggest market for the 200 Series and Prado.

This is incredibly impressive considering the iconic off-roader is sold in approximately 170 countries and regions around the world.

Toyota Australia puts the LandCruiser’s ongoing success down to reliability and capability.

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“In Australia, one of the first LandCruiser customers was construction magnate Sir Leslie Thiess, who bought several for use on the rugged construction trails of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme,” said Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley.

“Like all the other four-wheel-drives, the LandCruisers had some issues in the extreme conditions, but it was Toyota’s response that set the company apart from its rivals.

“Toyota flew out engineers from Japan who lived on site to study and rectify the problems. They also flew out parts and sent the broken bits back to Japan – to analyse them and fix problems at the source.

“This was an amazing engineering response – an absolute determination to deliver quality, durability and reliability.

“It’s that dedication to providing trouble-free performance that has been crucial to the success of the Toyota brand across Australia.”

Information on the next-gen LandCruiser is scarce at this stage, with an ETA still a few years off yet.

Wagon: 362,800 (200 Series and predecessors)
Workhorse: 397,000 (70 Series and predecessors)
Prado: 305,500
TOTAL: 1,065,300