THE December issue of Street Machine comes complete with our annual 13-month calendar, featuring the best shots of the wildest cars to be featured in Street Machine and our specials over the past year.

Here’s the list, hope it hits the mark! If not, let us know what cars you would have liked to have seen immortalised in calendar form.

December: Andrew Mitchell’s ’39 Lincoln Zephyr
Vanuary: Simon Major’s Disturbia panel van
February: Lou Ackovski’s TOXIC Q
March: Henry Parry’s SMOTY-winning FB Holden
April: Phil Mizzi’s wild GROVER Kombi
May: Matt Smoors’s FSTGMH VK Commodore
June: Peter Grmusa’s ATRISK Falcon
July: Matt Kernke’s HG Monaro
August: Brock Mahoney’s XC coupe IN ENVY
September: Daniel ‘Gumby’ Andrews’s one-tonner
October: Terry Mourched’s 1968 Dodge Charger
November: Gavin Dowling’s 1963 Chevy Nova
December: Richard Dabbs’s Brown Sugar Model A tudor