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2018 EarthCruiser Mercedes-Benz G-Pro Escape unveiled

By Tristan Tancredi, 02 Aug 2018 News

2018 EarthCruiser Mercedes Benz G Pro Escape

EarthCruiser’s latest go-anywhere expedition rig is the ultimate escape machine.

FRESH from bringing us the ultimate off-roader in the form of the Explorer XPR440, the folks at EarthCruiser have pointed their spanners towards Merc’s G Professional to create the EarthCruiser Mercedes-Benz G-Pro Escape.

The G-Pro Escape is based on the Benz G-Wagon, so that means it’s running Merc’s V6 turbo-diesel engine capable of 135kW and 400Nm. It’s mated to the German brand’s long-serving five-speed automatic transmission.

2018 EarthCruiser Mercedes Benz G Pro Escape set up

Front, rear and centre differential locks are standard fare on the G-Pro, but the Escape adds uprated shocks, an on-board air compressor, 250-litre tanks for both water and fuel, and a 122-litre fridge/freezer for keeping tucker and liquids cold. 13,500lb winches are positioned fore and aft.

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Lithium batteries keep the power flowing and accessories pumping, and they’re kept full via a 120-amp alternator system – solar panels work their magic when the rig is stationary.

2018 EarthCruiser Mercedes Benz G Pro Escape seats


Down back you’ll find a double-bed (there’s a sky bed option to sleep three), as well as an internal shower and toilet. A diesel-fuelled cooker takes care of hungry bellies.

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Five external cameras are fitted and provide up to 45 days’ worth of recordings in real time, and the system can be controlled via an iPad. Comms options include an 80-channel UHF with a DVR/GPS/4G solid state cellular hot spot. Plus, HEMA mapping will ensure you won’t (shouldn’t) get lost.

2018 EarthCruiser Mercedes Benz G Pro Escape interior

Known for its off-road camper solutions, the team at EarthCruiser has more than 65 years of experience in this field, with an expanding fleet of expedition rigs.

For more information on the G-Pro Escape, head to www.earthcruiser.net.au