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Insane 2020 Toyota Supra 4x4 concept

By Tristan Tancredi, 22 Jan 2020 News

Insane 2020 Toyota Supra 4x4 concept

Jaw-dropping 2020 Toyota Supra 4x4 concept by Estonian digital designer, Rain Prisk.

Preposterous, jaw-dropping, monstrosity … or perhaps what you see here is all of the above.

Either way, this quirky Toyota Supra 4x4 concept penned by Estonian digital designer Rain Prisk is definitely different, or as the VW GTI Club put it, a “beautiful monstrosity”.

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The concept will never become a reality – and that’s probably a good thing – but, while Prisk’s version of the Japanese sports car might look ludicrous, he’s included quite a few neat touches and made it look pretty darn realistic.

Credit: https://rainprisk.artstation.com/
Credit: https://rainprisk.artstation.com/

The lifted Supra wears chunky off-road tyres beneath humongous wheel arches, a step to get into the cabin, a snorkel intake, and recovery points and a winch up front.

Prisk is well-renowned his obscure redesigns of, well,  anything really. Take for example the lifted GT-R 4x4 with BFG muddies and the hiked Bugatti Chiron with a roof rack. Some are ‘somewhat’ more believable, like the Range Rover pick-up.

Range Rover pick-up concept
Credit: https://rainprisk.artstation.com/

Check out Prisk’s entire range of computer-generated images here: https://rainprisk.artstation.com/