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Two-door 90 and new six-cylinder engines for 2021 Defender

By Matt Raudonikis, 09 Sep 2020 News

Two-door 90 and new six-cylinder engines for 2021 Defender

2021 Land Rover Defender range due in February, with new engines and two-door 90 model.

THE new Land Rover Defender has only just lobbed on Australian shores, but the 2021 model will be here soon and bring with it new six-cylinder diesel engines and short-wheelbase Defender 90 models.

All of the diesel Defender 110 models that landed in 2020 were sold prior to arrival, creating a shortage of them and, as a result, only the petrol-fuelled P400 110s are currently available.

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This was due in part to the factory shutdown due to COVID and global demand for the diesels. Land Rover expects no such shortages when the 2021 range lands in February.

“The factory should be back up to 100 per cent (production) when our 2021 cars are built in November,” Land Rover Australia’s James Scrimshaw told 4X4 Australia. “There will be no supply issues with the 2021 model.”

As expected of a vehicle that is just six months old, any changes to the 2021 Defender are minor and, in fact, limited to the level of standard safety equipment. All 2021 Defenders have Blind Spot Assist, Clear Exit Monitor, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Collision Monitor and Rear Traffic Monitor as standard. New colour choices will be available, as well as the X-Dynamic option package.

HISTORY LESSON: Defender lineage

More significant is the fact that the three-door Defender 90 will join the five-door Defender 110 in the Australian range, and a new 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine will also become available. Along with the new P300 petrol engine for the D90, the Defender range will now sport a total of five engine options; two petrol and three diesels.

The D300 ‘Ingenium’ diesel engine promises 220kW and 650Nm in both Defender body styles, and it's enough to propel the little Defender 90 from zero to 100km/h in an-almost sporty 6.7 seconds. The inline six-cylinder engine uses twin sequentially set-up twin-scroll turbochargers and features a 48-volt mild hybrid (MHEV) system.

While the D200 and D240 four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines weren’t short on torque, they have been replaced with the six-cylinder MHEV engine labelled D200 and D250 and tuned to produce 500Nm and 570Nm respectively. The short-lived four-cylinder diesel has been discontinued in the Defender range. The D200 engine is only available in the Defender 90, while the 650Nm D300 will be particularly appealing to those wanting to tow or drive a heavily laden Defender.

HIGHLIGHTS: Defender's key specs

The P300 petrol engine is also exclusive to the Defender 90 and is now the only four-cylinder engine in the range. It produces 221kW and 400Nm, while the top-of-the-line P400 makes 294kW and 550Nm.

Defenders use an intelligent full-time four-wheel drive system that continually varies torque to the front and rear axles based on sensor data from the vehicle’s surroundings and driver inputs, to distribute all torque to one axle or the other as required. A locking rear differential is available as an option and part of option packages.

Speaking of option packs, a new X-Dynamic pack adds style to the Defender range, with bespoke trims and finishes available on both Defender 110 and 90. The First Edition Defender 110 has been discontinued as it was limited to the first run of five-door wagons that arrived in the country, while a First Edition Defender 90 P400 will be available.

Also just released in some markets but not yet for in Australia, the Defender P400e PHEV combines a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine with a proper EV drivetrain and plug-in compatibility. Land Rover Australia says it is definitely interested in the P400e and is looking to introduce it and the 90 and 110 Hardtops to the range some time in the future.


Defender 90 P300 - $71,500
Defender 90 S P300 - $80,390*
Defender 90 SE P400 - $95,290*
Defender 90 HSE P400 - $105,190*
Defender 90 First Edition P400 - $106,190
Defender 90 X P400 - $134,690


Defender 90 D200 - $78,590
Defender 90 S D250 - $87,490*
Defender 90 SE D300 - $89,390*
Defender 90 First Edition D250 - $104,990
Defender 90 X D300 - $132,590


Defender 110 P300 - $74,500
Defender 110 S P300 - $83,390*
Defender 110 S P400 - $91,790*
Defender 110 SE P400 - $98,290*
Defender 110 HSE P400 - $108,190*
Defender 110 X P400 - $137,690


Defender 110 D250 - $82,590
Defender 110 S D250 - $90,490*
Defender 110 SE D300 - $92,390*
Defender 110 HSE D300 - $101,690*
Defender 110 X D300 - $135,590