GMC reveals open-air Hummer EV

Hummer brand is reborn as an EV that's loaded with clever off-road technology

2022 GMC Hummer EV revealed

GMC has officially laid bare its all-new Hummer EV, with the fully electric, open-air offering boasting some serious off-road nous.

“We had one goal for Hummer EV: Build the most capable factory truck - ever,” said Al Oppenheiser, GMC Hummer EV chief engineer.

“It’s an absolute off-road beast with a unique e4WD drive system that provides maneuverability unlike anything GM has ever offered before.”

The Hummer will launch with the Edition One version, which features a removable roof and lots of extra specs, and which is expected to cost around US$113,000 ($160,000).

GMC Hummer EV motor and battery specs 

GM estimates this three-motor e4WD system can deliver 1000hp (745kW) and an astonishing 11,500lb-ft of torque (15,600Nm), with the system kept alive via a 24-module, double-stacked Ultium battery system.

The Ultium batteries are unique to GM, and are manufactured with less cobalt to reduce the cost.

In what is GMC's first fully electric vehicle in its line-up, the Hummer EV boasts an estimated driving range of more than 350 miles (563km) on a full charge.

It's also compatible with 350kW DC fast chargers, which GMC claims enables nearly 100 miles (160km) of range in just 10 minutes of charging.

Despite a claimed 0-100km/h time of a mind-boggling three seconds, perhaps the most compelling technology for 4x4 enthusiasts is the inclusion of an Extract Mode, which raises the vehicle's suspension height by about 150mm courtesy of an adaptive air suspension set-up.

GMC Hummer EV off-road specs

Steel plates strategically positioned around the battery pack ensure the vehicle's vital components remain protected when bashing through the bush.

Thirty-five-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory muddies as standard (37-inch tyres can also be fitted) assist the Hummer in off-road endeavours, with GMC adding that this combination enables the vehicle to scale 460mm verticals and drive through water that is more than 610mm deep.

If all else fails and the path ahead remains impenetrable, you can flick on the segment-exclusive CrabWalk mode, and the front and rear wheels will steer at the same angle at low speeds, enabling the vehicle to progress in a diagonal direction.

The electrified Hummer also features driver-selectable modes to tailor performance (this includes Terrain Mode which raises the ride height by nearly 50mm); Adaptive Ride Control continuous damping (tailored for on- and off-road driving); and a premium interior fitted with a 13.4-inch infotainment screen.

Production of the Hummer EV will begin in late 2021, at GM’s Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. Whether it will be available in Australia via GMSV is unconfirmed at this stage.

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