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6X6 Jeep Wrangler: G Patton Tomahawk

By Tristan Tancredi, 19 Sep 2016 News

6X6 Jeep Wrangler: G Patton Tomahawk

Pics released of horrid-looking 6x6 Wrangler

A 6x6 based on the Jeep Wrangler was unveiled earlier this month in China.

Pics of this G Patton Tomahawk were displayed at the Chengdu Auto Show, and have since caused quite a stir within the 4x4 fraternity.

Car News China got the scoop and plastered its site with pics of this crazy 6x6.

6X6 Jeep Wrangler G patton tomahawk rearThe Tomahawk, which started its life as a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, has a modified rear section (behind the C pillar) which comprises of a tray bed and a longer hardtop – the Car News China article indicates that the badges and wheels are poorly aligned.

The drivetrain includes a Jeep 3.6-litre V6 with an added RIPP supercharger, though outputs remain unknown.

6X6-Jeep -Wrangler -G-patton -tomahawk -engineIt’s also believed that the G Patton Tomahawk will run 17-inch alloys, 35-inch Mickey Thompson tyres, a remote-controlled winch and 50-inch LED light bars.

6X6 Jeep Wrangler G patton tomahawk rear wheelsIf, for some strange reason, you like the look of this monstrous-looking, poorly executed machine, bear in mind that the chances of this one-off Chinese-made 6x6 going into production are next to zero. And there will definitely be zero chance of it ever coming to Australia.

6X6 Jeep Wrangler G patton tomahawk front viewThat’s probably a good thing, considering there are better 6x6s out there. Check out the custom 6x6 Hellhog Jeep Wrangler or this MDT Southern Scorpion LandCruiser if you need proof.

G Patton is based in Tianjin, China, and it has dealers in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.