Americans and Swedes attempt to take the burnout world record

Two Guinness-certified attempts are being made on the burnout world record title

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RECENTLY, we announced plans to take back the Guinness World Record for the most cars doing a simultaneous burnout  at Street Machine Summernats 32, 3-6 January 2019.

We Aussies established the record as a thing at Summernats 26, with 68 cars taking part. We reset the record in 2015 at Nats 28 with 103 skidders, only to have the Saudis claim it last year with 119 cars.

But in the meantime, the Yanks have also thrown their hat in the ring, with another official Guinness Record attempt set to happen at the eighth-mile Mid-South Dragway in Tennessee. This means that the Saudi record may fall before we even have a chance to have a crack at it. While the requirement for all competitors to use wheels chocks may raise some Aussie eyebrows, even we think it is cool that the attempt is happening on no less a day than the Fourth of July. 

Note: we're not entirely sure the American attempt actually ended up happening. Soft! 

However, we have to take issue with their stated desire to 'bring the title back to the United States.' In fact, the Guinness record has never been in American hands. That could change this weekend, of course! 

And if that wasn’t enough, those crazy Swedes are having a go – at Malby Airfield on 28 July. The Swedish attempt is run by a mob called Burnout War Sweden and will also be a Guinness-officiated deal, held as part of a two-day festival.  According to their Facebook event, the requirements are for a car with 200-ish horsepower, rear drive only.

We'll keep you informed of how big our target will be in January! 


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