FORD ute drivers are getting charged more on toll roads across Victoria than Holden drivers, a new report has found. According to the Herald Sun, during an EastLink trip from Springvale Rd to the Frankston Freeway, a Ford Falcon ute driver would be charged $9.67 while Holden ute drivers would only have to fork out $6.04. Similarly, a trip on City Link would cost Ford drivers around $3 more than Holden drivers.

Why you ask? Well it all comes down to the way the two cars are classified by Vicroads. Because the Falcon ute is built around a cab-chassis formula like a small truck, it’s classified as a light commercial vehicle rather than a normal car like the Commodore ute. Even though the two have similar fuel consumption, emissions, weight specs and are virtually the same concept, the legislation seems to side with the red team. Cue the Holden versus Ford debate.