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Bulletproof 200 Series LandCruiser

By Tristan Tancredi, 14 May 2020 News

Bulletproof 200 Series LandCruiser

Cashed-up survivalists need only apply.

IT MIGHT look more at home on the set of The Walking Dead, but this impenetrable 2020 Toyota LandCruiser is perfect for cashed-up survivalists.

Yep, not that'll be much use to us in Australia, but, if you really wanted to, you could get yourself a bulletproof 200 Series.

Specced by Canadian mob, INKAS, the Land Cruiser GXR is equipped with a BR6 armour level, meaning it'll survive a barrage of assault rifle ammo (7.62mm) and up to two hand grenade attacks (DM51).

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The engine bay has been up-armoured; the suspension has been reinforced, as have door hinges and critical structure points; the entire perimeter of the passenger compartment has been strengthened; there's added protection for the battery and electronics; and it utilises run-flats.

Let's just hope it passes the "ball-bearing test", unlike Elon's Cybertruck

INKAS Toyota LandCruiser GXR 200 interior

Tick some boxes on an optional equipment list and you can get a lightweight armouring package, a heavy duty brake system, heavy duty wheels, a siren/PA/intercom system, an emergency lights system, and/or a fire suppression system.

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The guts of the seven-seat SUV remain unchanged, with the 4.5-litre V8 running through a six-speed automatic transmission and permanent AWD system.

There's an information box on the INKAS website, specifically for Aussies, where you can request further info. Head here to check it out: inkasarmored.com