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Clean campsite crusade heats up

28 Jul 2015 News

An Australian 4x4er is stepping up his fight against campsite litter, following the success of his bush poo training video

Clean campsite crusade heats up

The success of a 'how to crap in Outback Australia' video on Youtube has inspired an Aussie four-wheel drive nut to redouble his campaign efforts for cleaner campsites.

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club President Jim McNabb’s bush toilet training video – which details exactly what a shovel is, the different parts of it and how to use them – has received more than 22,000 hits in about two weeks.

Its success has encouraged the 66-year-old adventurer to broaden his quest for a cleaner bush, with plans for more educational videos in motion.

In one of Jim’s recent videos – The right way to leave a campsite – he thanks the campers who do the right thing at campsites.

“This is the way,” Jim says. “No rubbish left in the fireplace and no crap behind every bush.”

Time will tell if Jim's new videos will be as successful as his toilet training video. But at least he's having a go.

“I’m over the moon,” he says. "I never thought that I would stir up so much."

Jim has already received a wave of support, with many sharing his concerns about bush litter.

“You've made it so easy,” one Youtube fan says. “I really hope the idiots get it.”

Jim is now even entertaining the idea of founding a ‘Clean up our Campsites’ day.

Click here to read about Jim's how to poo in the bush video.

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