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Colorado Recovery Points not so Extreme

By Matt Raudonikis, 27 Sep 2018 News

Colorado Recovery Points not so Extreme news

Standard tow points not good enough for vehicle recoveries.

In our review of the Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme we noted that it was remiss of Holden to not include rated recovery points at the front of a vehicle that it is marketing for off road use and fitted with a bullbar  and recovery winch.

The official word from Holden was that you could use the two standard tow points at the front, which are each rated to 1500kg. 1500kg might be okay for a light winch recovery when bridled across the two of them but certainly insufficient for a safe snatch recovery, which generates much more force.

Enter the HSV Sportscat with its pair of big bright red painted recovery hooks up front, which we thought might be an alternative. HSV says these are rated to 3500kg which is far more appropriate for vehicle recoveries, but they are designed to pass through the Sportscat’s bespoke front fascia and will not fit a standard Colorado front bumper.

The HSV engineered recovery points bolt to the Colorado chassis at the same point that the factory Holden bull bar does, so they are not compatible there either.

The factory tow hook or tie down hooks on the front of vehicles are not made for, nor are they rated for vehicle recoveries. Pulling a loaded 4x4 out of a sticky situation such as deep sucking mud, generates forces far in excess of the vehicle weight and using inadequate attachment points for your winch line or strap can result in failure and possible injury - or worse - to people nearby. There are plenty of examples around of damage done and injuries caused by the shackles and other equipment that can fly loose when the attachment point fails. This can be deadly. 

4x4 Gear: Rate recovery points explained

Thankfully aftermarket 4x4 accessories companies such as ARB, Ironman and Road Safe have rated recovery points available to suit a range of popular vehicles including the Holden Colorado but best check with them first to see if the recovery points are compatible with your bull bar, underbody protection and other modifications.