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VIDEO: Concrete barrier stops out-of-control RAM pick-up

By Tristan Tancredi, 14 Jun 2018 News


Out-of-control RAM pick-up stopped by concrete barrier, saving two pedestrians.

A VIDEO (below) has been making the rounds recently of an out-of-control RAM pick-up slamming into a concrete barrier, inches away from two pedestrians.

The unnerving footage, captured outside a donut shop in Auburn, Washington, USA, clearly shows a concrete barrier saving the lives of two helpless people.

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out of control RAM pick up aftermath

According to Komo News, a Seattle-based news radio station, the barriers were installed by the donut shop due to several previous crashes occurring at the same spot.

Reports indicate that the male driver of the pick-up was taken into custody under suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence).

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Concrete bollards mightn’t look pretty, but this footage proves they can be life-saving.