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EarthCruiser Extreme XTR250 is ready to rock

By Evan Spence, 17 Dec 2020 News

EarthCruiser Extreme XTR250 revealed

Who says you need a full-size rig to have a luxurious camper?

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too, with the latest release from EarthCruiser: its Extreme XTR250 camper.

Designed to sit on the venerable Toyota 79 Series platform, the Extreme XTR250 can be constructed to suit your choice of a single- or dual-cab LandCruiser, making it as versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

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The beauty of this setup is there is no need to tow, nor do you need a massive full-size vehicle to fit a decent-size camper. What this translates to in the real world is that you can take this mobile house-on-wheels anywhere a normal LandCruiser can go, including inside a shipping container if you feel like touring internationally.

As you can see from the images, the camper interior looks more like a luxury apartment than an off-roader. It’s not just all about the looks, though, with a long-distance touring-friendly option to carry 250L of both water and diesel on-board.

You also get 33-inch tyres, a JMACX track width-corrected rear axle housing and Bilstein suspension. Solid off-road credentials indeed.

Inside you can find a double bed, a single bed, fridge/freezer combo and diesel heating for chilly nights in the Victorian High Country. Yes, you get everything including the kitchen sink basically, even a two-burner induction cook-top.

An array of quality 12-volt goodness can be found in the EarthCruiser, namely 450Ah of lithium battery power, a 3000w inverter and 270w of solar power (an additional 270w can be optioned up).

If you do manage to find the limits of the EarthCruiser Extreme when off-road, 13,000lb Runva winches can be installed front and rear, but this is an optional extra. We’d tick that box, though, just saying!

So, the big question: how much does it all weigh? Well, the Extreme Series from EarthCruiser has a GVM of 4500kg, and a Tare ranging from 3300kg to 3800kg (depending on configuration), meaning you still have a solid load-carrying ability with this setup.

If you are keen on a new EarthCruiser Extreme XTR250 you better get in quick, as there is already a six-month minimum lead time on construction.

For more information, visit www.earthcruiser.net.au