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EFS Recon R10 winch unveiled

By Sponsored content, 05 Jul 2018 News

SPONSORED: EFS Recon R10 winch unveiled

All-new Recon R10 winch is packed with quality kit.

AUSTRALIAN company EFS 4x4 Accessories has released the all-new Recon R10 Winch, which boasts a 10,000lb (4540kg) rated single line pull.

Featuring a super-fast retrieve rate, the R10 winch is fitted with a 7hp, 12-volt electric motor for grunt when you need it most. The R10 also comes with a full-load automatic brake, and the three-stage planetary gears have a 158:1 gear ratio. The motor and gearbox are waterproof.

The winch also features a 10-tonne pulley block, a hawse fairlead, and both a wireless and wired remote (with a 3.8-metre lead).

Website: www.1300efs4wd.com.au
Phone: 1300 EFS 4WD