Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder

Concept or production: Production.
What is it: The Longitudinale Posteriore (longitudinally placed in the posterior) 560 horsepower through four wheels Gallardo (no wonder it's shortened) without a roof.
Highlights: It's the fastest and most expensive car on show, topping out at 324km/h and costing more than $750,000. Gives a new meaning to wind-in-hair driving, for the Lambo is at the extreme end of the cruising cabrio scale...

Features a worked version of the redeveloped 5.2L V10 developing 412 kW at 8000 rpm versus the standard car's 382kW (and Superleggera's 390kW), setting a claimed 0-100km/h sprint of four seconds flat.

Also features intricate alloys, angular bodykit and fibrous interior trim a la LP640 Murcielago.

Australia-bound: A handful...
Also-shows: A Lamborghini Miura will feature at the Historic Tribute display.