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Ford Everest Raptor - 4x4 Wishlist

By Matt Raudonikis, 25 Aug 2018 News

Ford Everest Raptor 4x4 wishlist

The new Everest already uses the Raptor powertrain, so why stop there?

SO THE Everest now has the Ranger Raptor’s powertrain and, as both Ford vehicles are built on the same platform, a Raptor version of the wagon from Ford Performance should be a sure thing … right? I mean, the Raptor even stole the Everest’s multi-link coil rear suspension, so it’s halfway there.

If a Ford representative we spoke to at the 2019 Everest launch is to be believed, then don’t hold your breath for such a vehicle arriving anytime soon. He told us there are no such plans for such a Baja-inspired wagon.

Looking at the two latest additions to Ford Australia’s off-road arsenal, it might seem as simple as bolting the Raptor’s wide-body front end, big wheels with BFG tyres and the bespoke Fox-equipped suspension to the wagon, and Robby Gordon’s your uncle. But it’s not that simple.

The Raptor has a wider wheel track front and rear, so as well as the front end you’d need to also replace the rear axle. And pumping out the rear quarters to cover the 35-inch All Terrain tyres is not as simple on a five-door wagon as it is on a ute.

Sure, you could bolt on a set of Fox or similar top-shelf shocks, as well as some big rims and rubber with a set of flares to cover them, but such home handiwork will never have the same level of engineering and development as the factory Ford Performance offering would.

We’re sure it won’t be long before someone does it, or the aftermarket starts producing full Raptor-style front sheetmetal kits for both Ranger and Everest. Just look at how the Raptor-style grilles took off.