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Hummer EV SUV gets impressive off-road credentials

By Matt Raudonikis, 07 Apr 2021 News

GMC Hummer EV

Hummer EV wagon to join pick-up model, offering improved off-road credentials.

GMC has pulled the wraps off its 2024 Hummer EV SUV (wagon), which will join the Hummer EV pick-up on sale in the USA in 2023.

While the wagon shares the same electric drivetrain and off-road kit as the pick-up, it does get some impressive off-road specifications and tricks – including four-wheel steering – thanks to its shorter wheelbase, particularly when equipped with the Extreme Off-Road pack.

While four-wheel steering is nothing new to production cars, the Hummer EV’s system not only turns the front and rear wheels in opposite direction to decrease the turning circle and hence maneuverability on tight tracks, but it can also steer them in the same direction to allow the vehicle to ‘crab’ its way sideways. Hummer first showed this feature, which it calls Crab-Walk, on the EV pick-up last year.

The shorter wheelbase and overall length of the wagon will make it easier to manoeuvre when compared to the longer pick-up truck.

Both Hummer EVs boast impressive off-road credentials, with off-road packages offering 35-inch all-terrain tyres on 18-inch wheels over the standard 22-inch road rubber, height adjustable suspension, an Extract Mode for getting un-bogged, and around-vehicle cameras including underbody cameras so that the driver can always see the terrain.

There is an eLocker for the front axle, and the rear axle features independent motors which can individually send their drive to a single wheel with the most traction.

Both variants of the GMC EV Hummer are powered by a three motor system that can deliver up to 619kW. Exclusive to the Hummer SUV is a power station generator that allows the operator to use the Hummer’s battery pack to run power tools when on site, but we expect this feature to also become available on the pick-up when production versions arrive.

The Hummer EV Pick-Up is due to go on sale in the US later this year; although, the first year production run is sold out and it will be 2022 before Americans can get one.

The SUV will hit GMC showrooms in 2023; although, some models won’t make it to market until 2024. They will be built at GM’s refurbished Plant Zero alongside the Chevrolet Silverado EV and other EVs from GM. There is no mention of right-hand drive production, so we can assume that is off the cards.

The Hummer EVs could be imported, converted and sold in Australia by GMSV which currently markets the Silverado and Corvette here; although, they would be very expensive vehicles priced upwards of AU$150,000.

Who knows, come 2024, EVs could offer the driving range and charging infrastructure to make them feasible touring and off-road vehicles in this country.


Wheelbase: 3218mm
Vehicle length w/o spare: 4999.5mm
Width w/o mirrors: 2196mm
Max ground clearance: 406mm
Front overhang: 881mm                            
Rear overhang w/o spare: 900.5mm                               
Max approach angle: 49.6°                                  
Max departure angle: 49.0°                                   
Max breakover angle: 34.4°                                   
Max water fording depth: 813mm                        
Turning circle, with 4-Wheel Steer: 10.8m          
Suspension travel: 330mm                         


Wheelbase: 3445mm
Vehicle length w/o spare: 5507mm
Width w/o mirrors: 2201mm
Max ground clearance: 404mm
Front overhang: 881mm
Rear overhang w/o spare: 1181mm
Max approach angle: 49.7°
Max departure angle: 38.4°
Max breakover angle: 32.2°
Max water fording depth: 813mm
Turning circle, with 4 Wheel Steer: 11.3m
Suspension travel: 330mm