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Hummer EV teased, gets Crab Mode steering

By Matt Raudonikis, 16 Sep 2020 News

GMC Hummer EV

Hummer EV coming in October, bringing with it a unique feature.

GENERAL Motors’ reborn Hummer brand will unveil its new EV truck in October, but this teaser video shows an interesting feature we’ve not seen on a production car before.

The Hummer’s four-wheel steering system and EV drivetrain allows ‘Crab Mode’ steering for getting out of tight situations. We’ve seen purpose-built rock crawlers employ four-wheel steer systems the same way, and plenty of old Morris Minis that crab down the road, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in a production truck.

GM has pulled the Hummer brand out of mothballs to apply it to a range of GMC trucks that will be full electric vehicles, to give the automaker a player in the booming EV Truck market where the likes of Tesla, Rivian and others are all about to jump in.

GM also just signed a deal to develop and build Nikola’s Badger EV truck, in which it becomes an 11-per-cent owner of Nikola. The Badger isn’t expected to be in production until 2022.

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The GMC Hummer EV will officially be unveiled on October 20 (US time) and will be available via the GMC website there.

There have been stories of the GMC truck brand coming to Australia as part of the GM Special Vehicles deal, but nothing is confirmed on that or if the Hummer EV would be part of any such deal.