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Hymer envisions high-tech 4x4 tourer of the future

By Daniel Wong, 09 Sep 2019 News

Motorhome builder teams up with chemical giant, BASF, to imagine a 4x4 tourer of 2025.

Hymer VisionVenture concept Mercedes-Benz Sprinter revealed news

CAMPER vans are a great way to travel the country, but they are limited to sealed roads and don’t offer the off-road capability for those who want to retreat off the beaten path.

German motorhome specialists, Hymer, recently unveiled its VisionVenture concept at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, an event which combines the best of camper vans and 4x4 tourers.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, the Hymer VisionVenture is said to envision what “modern travel would be like in 2025” with the use of innovative materials made in collaboration with German chemical giant, BASF.

The VisionVenture shares the same chassis, front doors and front fascia as the Sprinter, but Hymer took liberty with the rest of the body, reshaping the front end with a steeper raked windscreen, adding pumped-up wheel arches, and fitting a wide rear panoramic window.

For the interior layout, packaging and fixtures, Hymer teamed up with Studio SYN designers to create a flexible living space, with several neat space-saving features such as a multifunctional wall rail system, pull-out electric barbecue grill and a retractable office space.

Underneath, the VisionVenture has a four-wheel drive system along with raised suspension and chunky muddies to bolster its go-anywhere ability.

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Specifics about the VisionVenture’s drivetrain are scarce, as the headline act of the concept is its use of innovative materials from BASF that are said to improve occupant comfort.

The VisionVenture’s dark paintjob features a temperature-regulating Chromacool technology said to reduce surface temperature by 20°C, which translates into a 4°C temperature reduction for the interior. The pop-top roof, which serves as the sleeping quarters, features inflatable honeycomb outer walls that provide insulation when inflated with heated or cooled air.

Much of the “premium-looking” fixtures used in the interior come from BASF’s own catalogue, with materials such as Veneo Slate – a 1mm-thick material that combines a thin layer of stone with plastic – which delivers the stony veneer without the weight penalty.

“Innovation has always been part of Hymer’s DNA, and the concept car VisionVenture is our take on modern van life,” said Christian Bauer, President of Hymer. “A major source of inspiration for this project was the camper community, who have given us new impetus with their creative ideas and DIY conversions.

“We are confident that we will be able to introduce some elements from this array of innovative and extremely customer-friendly solutions into series production in the not too distant future.”