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Ironman 4x4 to distribute Alu-Cab gear

By Justin Walker, 12 Apr 2019 News

Ironman 4x4 to distribute Alu-Cab gear news

Ironman 4x4 will distribute Alu-Cab gear, filling a niche in the Australian market.

IRONMAN 4x4 is now the official Australian distributor of Alu-Cab, the South African aluminium canopy and camping accessories company that has forged a sterling reputation for its products since its first aluminium canopy was produced back in 1999.

The company has since expanded its product line-up to include a wide range of canopies, aluminium rooftop tents (recognised by their unique clamshell opening) and awnings, offering the complete touring accommodation solution.

The company’s choice of aluminium came through its team’s many years of touring experience, citing the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium and its resistance to corrosion as two big benefits. In the 20 years since its formation the company’s touring gear has garnered an enviable reputation as being tough enough for the most challenging touring conditions in not only South Africa but the USA, Australia and NZ. Indeed, the company relies on customer feedback to tweak its various products to ensure it’s up to the punishment this type of equipment cops on big trips.

It speaks volumes for Ironman 4x4’s reputation that it was this Aussie-based company the team at Alu-Cab approached when it was looking for a local distributor. For Ironman 4x4, becoming a distributor was a bit outside the company’s remit, but some on-the-ground research by Adam Craze, Ironman 4x4’s Director of 4x4 Products, soon resolved any hesitation.

“Ironman 4x4 was approached by the team in South Africa to look at the opportunity to take up the distribution for Alu-Cab,” Adam said. “As this is outside our normal direction, we took time to research and find out more about the products and the company.

“I went to South Africa and learned more about Alu-Cab and found that the company was run by a likeminded team and the products are of the highest quality. So we decided that we would take up the opportunity.”

It wasn’t just this common ground that saw the deal confirmed, but the fact it would also allow Ironman 4x4 to expand the product it offers to the Aussie off-road scene even further.

“For Ironman 4x4, Alu-Cab products fill a niche in the market that we do not cover,” Adam affirmed. “The Alu-Cab product works together with our Ironman 4x4 vehicle and camping solutions.”

As you’d expect from someone living and breathing the off-road touring lifestyle, Adam has plenty of user-experience to call on when both making the initial decision and when talking to potential buyers of Alu-Cab gear.

“I have known about Alu-Cab for many years after seeing the gear during a trip to South Africa,” he said. “I have the Gen 3 Expedition [rooftop] tent and 270-degree awning on my [Land Cruiser] 76 and we love the camping trips we do using the products.

“They are amazingly quick to set up and pack up, making them ideal for short- or long-term stays. Being able to pull up, and in about a minute my tent and freestanding awning is all set up and we are kicking back relaxing.”

Alu-Cab will be available from the end of next week through Ironman 4x4 stores and stockists.

For more info on the Alu-Cab product line and all other Ironman 4x4 gear, see: www.ironman4x4.com