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Mid-size RAM a possibility alongside Jeep Scrambler

By 4X4 Australia staff, 18 Sep 2018 News

Mid-size RAM a possibility Jeep Scrambler news

Smaller, right-hand-drive RAM could be on its way Down Under

WORD coming from the Automotive News USA is that RAM will build a mid-size pick up alongside the new Jeep Scrambler. Both models would be built at the recently retooled Toledo, Ohio plant.

The Scrambler is a double-cab pick-up variant of the JL Jeep Wrangler and is set to debut at the LA Auto Show in November before going into production early next year. The RAM will share the Scrambler’s separate chassis underpinning to create a mid-size truck to compete with the likes of the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and soon to be launched in the US, Ford Ranger.

The good news for us is that the Scrambler is being built with right-hand drive (RHD) as a possibility so a RAM derivative could be a goer for Australia too.

RAM vehicles are currently only made in left-hand drive and the 3500, 2500 and 1500 RAM models sold here have all had their steering, dashboards and other ancillaries converted over to RHD. The RAM 1500 (pictured at the top) is currently the smallest pick up offered and the mid-size would be smaller than that.

It is rumoured that the rear of the frame and rear suspension of the Scrambler are beefier than that of the regular Wrangler to handle heavier loads so a RAM variant, possibly with IFS in lieu of the Scrambler’s live front axle, would bring another rugged ute to the market. We’re tipping the mid-size RAM won’t have the off-road capability of the Jeep, but will be a better all-road drive and load-hauler.

A factory-built RHD RAM would be great news for FCA Australia which is currently without a competitor in the booming mid-size 4x4 ute sector. FCA, and before it Jeep Australia, had looked many times at importing the American utes, even bring the then Dodge Dakotas out here for evaluation back in the 1990s.

The Dakota was the last mid-size pick up to be made by Dodge but it was discontinued back in 2011. FCA/Dodge/Chrysler/RAM has not had a mid-size truck since then.