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Mitsubishi and FCA issue vehicle recalls

04 Jul 2016 News

Mitsubishi and FCA issue vehicle recalls

What’s with all the recent vehicle recalls?

THERE has been a spate of vehicle recalls recently.

Within just two days last week, Mitsubishi and Fiat Chrysler Australia both issued recalls.

Mitsubishi Triton (ML/MN) and Pajero (NS/NT/NW/NX) models were recalled due to turn signal and lighting switch connector terminals becoming worn. This issue could result in an accumulation of oxidised dust on connector terminals, which can act as an insulator and affect proper terminal conductivity.

This could cause head lamps, turn signal lamps, parking lamps, front/rear fog lamps, tail lamps, number plate lamps and cabin lamps to malfunction.

The FCA recall is significantly more serious as it could affect the airbag deployment in 2007-2010 JK Jeep Wranglers.

FCA has advised that the clock spring may ingest dust if the vehicle is subjected to dusty environments – highly likely for 4x4 enthusiasts.

This accumulation of dust could compromise airbag circuits and cause the non-deployment of the driver airbag during a crash.

What impact will the recalls have on owners?

There is very little impact for Pajero and Triton drivers, other than the hassle of taking it to a Mitsubishi dealer for a 30-minute tweak.

The issue is more serious for Jeep owners, considering the increased risk of injury the fault can cause.

Punters shouldn’t have to fork out a cent for the fix, and owners of affected models will be contacted by the respective manufacturers as soon as possible.

If you don’t hear anything soon, or you’re unsure whether your vehicle is affected, give Mitsubishi or FCA a buzz.