Mitsubishi issues recall for NL Pajero

1997-2000 NL Pajero recalled due to faulty Takata airbag inflator.

Mitsubishi NL Pajero Takata airbag recall

A RECALL notice has been issued for Mitsubishi NL Pajero vehicles produced between May 31, 1996 and September 30, 1999, with select models fitted with a driver’s airbag containing a Takata NADI 5-AT driver airbag inflator.

MY1997-2000 CE Lancer, CE Mirage, and WA Express/Starwagons produced during the same period are also caught up in the recall, with the total number of affected vehicles listed at 8081. The full VIN list can be found here.

As the vehicles are now quite long in the tooth, replacement inflators aren’t available. Instead, Mitsubishi Motors Australia is offering to buy back affected vehicles at their current market value.

“If a recalled Mitsubishi vehicle is identified as containing the affected type of driver airbag inflator and it is registered for road use, Mitsubishi Motors Australia will offer to buy back the vehicle at current market value,” the ACCC report said. “Alternative transportation will be arranged to avoid consumer inconvenience while the buyback negotiations are taking place.”

To find out if your vehicle from that era contains the Takata NADI 5-AT driver airbag inflator, owners have been advised to, stop driving immediately and contact an authorised Mitsubishi Motors dealer or call Mitsubishi Motors Recall Hotline on 1800 931 811 to organise a free urgent vehicle inspection”.

Immediate action is required as vehicles fitted with a Takata NADI 5-AT driver airbag inflator may allow moisture to enter the unit, which could degrade the airbag propellant – “if this occurs, the properties of the propellant may be changed so that the propellant does not react as intended during a collision, causing misdeployment of the airbag,” the recall report says.

“If an affected vehicle is involved in a collision, the airbag inflator could rupture, causing sharp metal fragments to enter the vehicle cabin at high speed, killing or injuring vehicle occupants,” the report adds. “There is also a risk that the airbag may underinflate in a collision and may not protect the driver as intended.”

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