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MOTOR digital, the ultimate bang for your buck

By MOTOR staff, 09 Apr 2015 News

MOTOR digital, the ultimate bang for your buck

MOTOR, Australia’s leading performance magazine, available for only $3.75 an issue

For more than 60 years MOTOR’s been the ultimate print magazine for performance car nuts. But did you know we’re also available on your tablet and smart phone, ready to be read with a simple swipe?

Better yet, without need for expensive paper, MOTOR’s digital magazine has been able to pass that saving on to you.

This means you can grab a MOTOR 12-month digital subscription for only $45, which makes for an appalling low price of only $3.75 per issue.

That’s a month’s worth of drool-worthy performance car content for the price of a meat pie.

Taking advantage of this is easy as clicking here, where first time digital subscribers get 25 per cent off their initial purchase with Zinio, slashing the price for a12-month digital issue subscription down to $33.74, or less than three bucks an issue!  

Go on, there's no excuse now, your bank account won’t even notice.