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MSA 4x4 scores US patent

By Justin Walker, 08 Nov 2018 News

MSA 4x4 scores US patent news

A big win for quality Aussie-made products.

IN A BIG WIN against cheap overseas copies of Aussie-made products, Queensland-based MSA 4X4 Accessories has been granted a United States Patent (Patent No. US 10,076188 B2) for its Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System.

Being awarded this patent ensures no other company can make, use or offer for sale the invention (the Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System), or import the invention into the USA.

In this age of copycat manufacturing it’s amazing how much behind-the-scenes work goes into something like this. MSA 4x4’s Explorer system is fully protected in patented features, with this new patent comprising 42 claims supported by 22 pages of detailed diagrams.

Some of these patented features include the Pro-Glide system, which utilises the side for the drawers and the frame as the slide unit, ensuring no storage space is sacrificed as it is with traditional side slide runners. There are numerous other examples of patented components in the Explorer System, including the ‘stay-open block’.

Shane Miles, the brains behind MSA 4x4 products, is understandably stoked at this patent. “This patent validates the years of R&D that have gone into our drawer system,” he said, “as well as enhances our intellectual property position in one of the largest markets in the world.

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“We are now in a position where we can defend our IP and secure our position in a global market.”

It is fantastic news for one of the Aussie aftermarket’s most professional brands when it comes to innovative design and vehicle/occupant safety standards, with MSA 4x4 a big believer in ADR testing of all accessories fitted to vehicles.

Being able to sell its award-winning product into the huge USA market without fear of cheap – and dangerous – copycat products in that same market means MSA 4x4 gains the full benefit of all its long development work.

MSA 4X4 products are available through its USA distributor, Adventure Imports, as well as in Canada through Kakadu Camping.