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Narva Australia utilising VR tech to simulate lights

By Tristan Tancredi, 14 Sep 2018 News

Compare lighting options “in the field” from your couch.

Narva Australia utilising VR tech to simulate lights news

NARVA Australia is utilising VR (virtual reality) technology to provide customers with an “in-the-field” perspective of its product range.

From the passenger seat, the VR Experience allows consumers to select from Narva’s range of lighting products: Explora Single and Double Optic Drive light bars; Ultima 215 and 175 LEDs (including enhanced optic LEDs); and Ultima 215 HIDs. A conventional headlight is also included to compare the new lights against.

Once a lighting product has been chosen, the Experience then shows how each light illuminates specific environments: highways, dirt roads and 4WD tracks.

Voice guidance and audio information – as well as a graph detailing the light output and range – provide the user with an abundance of product information.

The Experience works by first logging onto the website using a smartphone: www.narva.com.au/vrexperience. Then you simply slide the phone into a VR headset, toggle the settings and you’re as good as gold.

You’ll also be able to strap a VR set to your face at the big 4WD shows around the country. Just head on over to the Narva booth and they’ll sort you out – the crew will be at the upcoming Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show (Western Sydney International Dragway, October 12-14.)

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It’s a nifty tool to compare the output of different lighting solutions, and a great way to figure out which light best suits the kind of driving you’re likely to experience.