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New 2017 Ram 2500 is part esky

By Oscar Hammond, 22 May 2017 News

2017 Ram 2500 RamBox wide

A small tweak in the 2017 Ram 2500 has turned it into a 486 litre esky

The 2017 Ram 2500 can now double as an Esky.

Hidden among the many features of the Ram is the rear storage feature of drain holes, which gives the new truck the uncanny feature of doubling as an Esky.

This could be the ultimate Esky solution for a day in the Daintree or a night in the High Country, boasting twin 243-litre spaces – enough room for all the 4WD essentials, as well as a few beers.


“The Water resistant/weatherproof and lockable RamBoxes keep items safe and dry” said RAM’s official Australian Importer website.

“Drain holes inside the RamBoxes allow this space to be used as cool storage with ice and space for up to 140 drink cans on either side.”

The ‘RamBox storage system’ is comprised of two vertical ‘lockers’ measuring 1.52 metres along the length of the loading area, and this gives the adventurous something new to be excited about.


The lockers are large enough to hold a set of golf clubs, helmets, toolboxes, kayak paddles, fishing rods or chainsaws. You can also keep your drinks cold all day in the semi-insulated area.

Bed dividers placed in the storage compartments can separate equipment and cold storage areas, while adjustable and lockable bed extenders fit the lowered tailgate, adding up to 60 cm of additional length.


The extra storage space doesn’t change the base price of $139,500 for the 2017 Ram. Instead, it’s added as a $3400 option to the Ram 2500 Laramie.

This option adds utility for the truly dedicated, while sacrificing minimal bed space. Let’s be honest, a bit of bed space for a huge tinnie cooler is a small price to pay.